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The Amazon territory is drained by the Orinoco, one of the world's greatest rivers, which sweeps down from the highlands of the Guayana Shield trough largely unexplored jungle. It's Venezuela's wildest and least populated region. You leave your world behind and enter the world of ancient Indian cultures, pristine rainforest and meandering rivers with majestic waterfalls.

Experiential Trips

Experiential trips are meant for travelers that want to go beyond just visiting a destination as a tourist. The idea is to have close contact with the local dwellers and learn about their reality and struggles. On the trip, the visitor and the community work together to minimize the impact on the visited area and generate actions and ideas to preserve or improve the way of living.

On these trips, we will in touch with many kinds of people: farmers, students, housewives, children, as well as political and indigenous leaders. The participants must be willing to receive and give information and also use personal skills as a contribution and as part of the exchange for the visit.

Ethnic Encounters

There are in Venezuela more than 25 different ethnic groups inhabiting very remote magic practicing places with their own languages and customs. Most of them live on the borders with Brazil, Colombia and Guyana, and although these people are surrounded by vast natural resources, they have simple, modest lifestyles and try to preserve their ancestral knowledge and their way of life.

Learning basic communications, how to fish, weave baskets, prepare casaba bread or just sleeping in hammocks are features of the trips that take place on indigenous land. Among the places visited, are the “Paraujano” fishermen at Sinamaica Lake, “Piaroa” communities near the sacred “Cerro Autana” or the “Guarenquena” rubber tree producers on the Orinoco River.

Traditional Festivities

Venezuela is a land of contrast in its landscapes (coast, jungle, mountains, and grasslands). Such a contrast is also found among its people, product of the mixture of Spanish, Indigenous and African races that has been going on for 500 years. As a result, the country is filled with rich and diverse traditions where delicious food, colorful costumes, joyful rhythms and friendly people make a unique cultural assemble.

Come anytime to Venezuela and find yourself dancing with the drums at “El Callao” Carnival, celebrating” “El Dia de San Juan”, learning how to play the “cuatro” or just eating a tasty “arepa”.




The GRASSLANDS, miles from anywhere and the edge off nowhere, or described by Venezuela’s writer, Rómulo Gallegos, as ¡más allá del más nunca!, farther away than never again, are the great plains with vast cattle ranches bordering placid rivers. Despite modern communications this is an area where people still smile on the outside world as though it were something apart. Guest ranches with ample accommodations give you a chance to share this unhurried and unbothered time perspective. The most extraordinary variety of wildlife live nearby: giant anteaters, iguanas, capybaras, howler monkeys, alligators, foxes, piranhas, anacondas, armadillos, ocelots, jaguars, electric eels and more than 300 species of birds. No wonder the Llanos has been called the “Serengeti of South Americas”


Llanos Wildlife Tour

The best place to observe wildlife, especially mammals and birds, in tropical South America is in the Venezuelan Llanos grasslands. In a vast inland prairie of over 115,000 sq. miles, you have a wealth of wildlife concentrated in small areas and easy to see. The Llanos are one of the Earth’s most important breeding reserves for birds with well over 300 species living there, and other native creatures such as capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, great caimans, turtles, foxes, howler monkeys, ocelots, wild boars, anacondas, great anteaters and the elusive jaguars. Accommodations are on half-million acre private cattle ranches with all the creature comforts. At dawn you witness the awakening of a land of plenty, teeming with life. Just a visit to the Llanos is worth a trip to Venezuela!



The Andes offers you a slow world of quiet tradition, the time-worn customs of a culture that blends the openhearted Caribbean with mountain seclusion. Spectacular peaks with perpetual snow, high altitude cloud forests – green mansions where orchids flower and parrots flash overhead - coffee plantations in the fertile valleys and the Páramos (tropical highlands), both inhospitable and beautiful, carpeted with bright flowers, where every day of the year is summer and every night winter.

Active Andes

This adventure includes moderate trekking, mountain biking, and horseback riding in tropical cloud forests and the high mountain plateaus of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Optional tandem paragliding.

Horseback Riding

On small, sturdy Andean horses you will explore the vast expanses of the Andes mountain range. Visit El Tisure valley, home of the sage Juan Felix Sanchez and his famous stone chapel. Ride to Carrizal, a small hamlet cut off from civilization where coffee, avocado, and oranges abound. Accommodations intents and inns.

Trekking Andes

To truly experience a country, one must walk. Our “tailor-made” treks to remote and delightful places will show you the magic of the Andes and the charm of its people. Treks can vary in duration and difficulty – everything from easy day hikes staying in comfortable hotels to strenuous treks to remote terrains, camping as you go. Our “full-service” treks offer porters and pack animals to carry all the gear, cooks who prepare you delicious meals and a professional yet personalized guide service. As you walk, you’ll experience the real Venezuela few tourists ever get to see, catching glimpses of authentic traditions and lifestyles of these mountainous people.

Scenic Andes

A soft-adventure tour offering an excellent introduction to the scenery, history and culture of the Venezuelan Andes. Visit the tropical cloud forest of the lower Sierra Nevada National Park to discover the variety of flora and fauna, explore small Andean villages and the Páramo region of majestic mountains, and ride on the world’s longest and highest cable car. Soak in the spectacular views and fresh mountain air.

Mountain Bike

The Venezuelan Andes are a real treat for mountain bikers seeking breathtaking scenery, plenty of sunshine and crisp, unpolluted air. This mountainous region is crisscrossed by scenic roads and trails that provide excellent routes ranging from tropical cloud forests to the spectacular highlands. The sparsely populated region is inhabited by friendly Andino peasants whose origins predate the Spanish conquest. You’ll experience some grueling uphill slogs, screaming downhill runs interspersed with more gently grades. All rides are supported by an escort vehicle and led by experienced guides. Overnight lodging is in small hotels and inns. Cycling in this mountain splendor will leave you with a great sense of satisfaction and memories of a lifetime.

Trout Fishing

Fish for rainbow or “salmo trutta” in some of South America’s most spectacular untouched, breathtaking mountain scenery. Two options to choose from – accommodations in comfortable hotels with access to fishing areas by jeep or for more rugged adventurers, horseback to remote, secluded lakes and rivers. Trout season runs from March through September.


The Venezuelan Andes offers some of the best soaring conditions for paragliding in the world. Tandem flights and basic flying instruction for novice licenses offered. Soaring from near Las Gonzalez village and the thermal flying from La Trampa hamlet. Unique flights using the world’s highest and longest cable car to reach the take-off site.


Discover the beauty and rich diversity of the Venezuelan Andes, tropical cloud forest and grasslands. Tours designed for small groups at reasonable cost with good food, lodging, plus expert English speaking local birding guides. Some highlight birds – Orange-throated Sunangel, Rose-headed Parakeet, Crested Quetzal, Masked Trogon, Bearded Helmetcrest, Black-chested Buzzard Eagle, Condor, Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, White-capped Dipper, Torrent Duck, Hoatzin, King Vulture, Ibises, Storks, Great Potoo, Orinoco Goose and the Brazilian Teal.


Montaña Adventure Travel

We are a tour operator with more than 20 years of experience and formed by a group of professionals committed with the preservation of our cultural and environmental heritage, here you will find info and contacts to arrange, not just trips troughout Venezuela, but a way to make new friends and get an enhanced lifetime experince.

Choose your adventure by destination or activity, or contact us for specialized or customized programs.

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Venezuela Some of Venezolan's Facts


A land of stunning natural beauty and physical contrasts, Venezuela has thrilled adventurous travelers ever since Columbus first sighted its shores nearly five centuries ago. From Angel Falls to the glaciers to the Andes, from the rainforest rivers of the Upper Orinoco to the land of the Llanos, Venezuela appeals to travelers whit inquisitive minds whose curiosity is satisfied by experiencing natural and cultural wonders first-hand. Located on the northern coast of South America, where the continent meets the Caribbean Sea, its myriad landscapes, together with a huge animal and vegetal diversity, make this country a singular place. If you're looking for something new, something exotic and off the beaten track, then Venezuela can give you a holiday adventure of a lifetime.


  • Oficial Country name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Area: 912,050 sq km (355,700sq)
  • Population: ca. 32,000,000
  • Capital city: Caracas
  • People: 67% mestizo; 21% European descent; 10% African descent; 2% Indigenous
  • Language: Spanish is the official language, but there are more than 30 original languages
  • Religion: 96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant
  • Government: Socialist
  • President: Nicolas Maduro since April19, 2013
  • Weights & measures: Metric

Passports & Visas

Passport valid for at least 6 months (if entering with a visa) or for the duration of stay (if entering with a tourist Entry Card) required by all.
Visas are required by all except the following, who do, however, required a Tourist Entry Card (TEC) issued by an authorized air carrier on presentation of valid air tickets (including return or onward ticket) for stays of maximum 90 days:
(a) Nationals of EU countries (except nationals of Greece who do require visas)
(b) Nationals of Australia, Canada and Japan
(c) Nationals of Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican, Grenada, Iceland, Jamaica, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, New Zeland, Norway, Paraguay, San Marino, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & The Grenadines, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago and Uruguay
However, we recommend all passengers check with respective authorities before departure

Health & Safety Situation

There are few health problems and the health care is good. Water is safe to drink in the major centers, although heavily chlorinated. Venezuela's tropical location entails the risk of sunburn, and fair-skinned visitors should bring sunscreen and protective clothing. Travelers going to the Amazonas or Orinoco areas should take precautions for malaria. No shots are required to enter Venezuela. Travelers are advised to consult their physician regarding health precautions. Venezuela is a safe country, virtually without the constant political, health and drug problems of some of its neighbors. Regarding personal safety, the same precautions taken in any large US or European city should be followed while in Caracas.

Special Festivities

  • 1st January - New Year's Day
  • Carnival
  • Easter
  • 19th April - Declaration of Independence
  • 1st May - Labor Day
  • 24th June - Carabobo Battle
  • 5th July - Independence Day
  • 24th July - Bolivar's Birthday
  • 12th October - Day of Indigenous Resistance
  • 25th December - Christmas Day

Money and Season

Currency is the Bolivar Fuerte. Us dollars in cash and major credit cards are widely accepted. Travelers checks are accepted in banks and casas de cambio. Also change money before leaving major cities.
Temperatures vary widely according to altitude, which ranges from sea level to over 5.000mts. the dry season is December to April. Brief downpours are common from May to November.

Clothing and Food

  • Clothing and Shoes:
We suggest you pack light for our adventure trips.
Your clothing list should include comfortable walking boots and sandals, warm clothes for cold weather, bathing suit, rain gear, flashlight and sun block.
  • Food and Beverages:
Venezuela offers a variety of local and international dishes which aer found in nearly all local restaurants.
The Venezuelans are great meat eaters.
Seafood and fish are good. Botled beverages and pirified water are avalaible in most areas. Local rum is good and cheap, as are the beers. There is an abundance of fruits in Venezuela. Mango, Papaya (lechosa), avocado (aguacate), oranges (naranja), banana (cambur), coconut (coco), passionfruit (parchita), melon, pineapple (piña), guava (guayaba) and soursap (guanabana) are just a few.
  • Some Traditional Venezuelan Dishes:
Pabellon Criollo: Venezuela's national dish, consisting of shredded beef, black beans (caraotas negras) and cheese, served with fried plantain (cooking banana) and rice. Arepa: These hot maize buns make a great meal for a snack when stuffed with cheese.

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