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Angel Falls

Angel Falls

The CANAIMA / ANGEL FALLS A national park the size of Belgium, an hour by air from Caracas, the landscape is straight out of Hudson’s Green Mansions: rivers and jungle ringed by towering tabletop plateaus shrouded in mists, Angel Falls dropping some 3,200 feet, nineteen times higher than Niagara, an exotic flora much of it still unclassified, and the Pemón Indians who have woven the towering buttes into myths which they continue to embellish.

Canaima National Park, land of waterfalls, savannas, rainforests and majestic table-top mountains known as tepuis. The tepuis are huge isolated mesas, formed by erosion with sheer rose colored vertical walls rising abruptly from the savannas and jungles to heights of almost 10,000 feet. Each tepui is associated with an ancient Pemón Indian god. A highlight of any Venezuelan trip is Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall.

15 days around the Devil’s Tabletop Mountain, visiting several indigenous villages that belong to the Pemón Ethic group. Flying, trekking and navigating with a finale at the base of Angel Falls.

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