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The Amazon territory is drained by the Orinoco, one of the world's greatest rivers, which sweeps down from the highlands of the Guayana Shield trough largely unexplored jungle. It's Venezuela's wildest and least populated region. You leave your world behind and enter the world of ancient Indian cultures, pristine rainforest and meandering rivers with majestic waterfalls.

Experiential Trips

Experiential trips are meant for travelers that want to go beyond just visiting a destination as a tourist. The idea is to have close contact with the local dwellers and learn about their reality and struggles. On the trip, the visitor and the community work together to minimize the impact on the visited area and generate actions and ideas to preserve or improve the way of living.

On these trips, we will in touch with many kinds of people: farmers, students, housewives, children, as well as political and indigenous leaders. The participants must be willing to receive and give information and also use personal skills as a contribution and as part of the exchange for the visit.

Ethnic Encounters

There are in Venezuela more than 25 different ethnic groups inhabiting very remote magic practicing places with their own languages and customs. Most of them live on the borders with Brazil, Colombia and Guyana, and although these people are surrounded by vast natural resources, they have simple, modest lifestyles and try to preserve their ancestral knowledge and their way of life.

Learning basic communications, how to fish, weave baskets, prepare casaba bread or just sleeping in hammocks are features of the trips that take place on indigenous land. Among the places visited, are the “Paraujano” fishermen at Sinamaica Lake, “Piaroa” communities near the sacred “Cerro Autana” or the “Guarenquena” rubber tree producers on the Orinoco River.

Traditional Festivities

Venezuela is a land of contrast in its landscapes (coast, jungle, mountains, and grasslands). Such a contrast is also found among its people, product of the mixture of Spanish, Indigenous and African races that has been going on for 500 years. As a result, the country is filled with rich and diverse traditions where delicious food, colorful costumes, joyful rhythms and friendly people make a unique cultural assemble.

Come anytime to Venezuela and find yourself dancing with the drums at “El Callao” Carnival, celebrating” “El Dia de San Juan”, learning how to play the “cuatro” or just eating a tasty “arepa”.



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