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River Expeditions

River Expeditions

The Amazon terrirory is drained by the Orinoco, one of the world's greatest rivers, which sweeps down from the higlands of the Guayana Shield trough largely unexplored jungle. It's Venezuela's wildest and least populated region. You leave your world behind and enter the world of ancient indian cultures, pristine rainforest and meandering rivers with majestic waterfalls.

Orinoco's Delta

The Orinoco’s Delta was added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) in 2009, the Orinoco's Delta is fan-shaped, formed by the Orinoco River as it splits into numerous tributaries, called caños, which meander through the delta on their way to the sea.

Catatumbo Lighting

The “Catatumbo Lighting” is a unique natural phenomenon that takes place in the southern area of Maracaibo Lake in western Venezuela. Although, several studies have taken place on the Catatumbo River, this phenomenon, consisting of constant lightning but without thunder, is still a mystery. Early studies attribute the event to the difference in the temperature of two encountering air masses. Thanks to these frequent, powerful flashes of lightning, this phenomenon is considered to be the world's largest single generator of troposphere ozone.

Caura River Expedition

The Caura is a southern tributary of the Orinoco River, descending through virgin forests 500 km from the mountains bordering Brazil. The main ethnic group who live up the Caura is the Yekuana also known as Makiritare, which means “Men of the River”. They are considered to be the best navigators of these challenging currents.


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