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Peacock Bass Fishing

Peacock Bass Fishing

Venezuela, long noted for its beauty queens, baseball players and oil reserves, is gaining fame for its world-class peacock bass fishing.The peacock bass, locally known as pavon, has become one of the most sought after freshwater fish species. This colorful hard fighting fish attacks topwater lures with such power, noise and impact that you willhave a hard time believing it's real.

We fish in the lagoons, feeder streams and sandbars of the Cinaruco River, located in Santos Luzardo National Park. It is not uncommon for a peacock bass fisherman to catch and release 20-30 fish per day, with plenty in the 6-10 pound range and with some reaching up to 18 pounds. There are other fish that you might catch during your stay - the saber tooth payara, piranha and catfish.

Accommodations are in rustic lodges in the vast Venezuelan grasslands, along the shores of the Cinaruco River. Double cabins with air conditioning and private baths. Refrigeration is provided for the catch.

We use 16-foot V-bottom aluminum boats with 40 HP outboards and all the standard bass boat features (trolling motor, high swivel seats); yet they are still sufficiently light to navigate the shallow sandbars.

Our guides are hard-core sport fishermen from local communities and know every inch of this river like the back of their hands. This is where they grew up; they know where to find the fish and how to go after them.


Other attractions in the area

There is an abundance of wildlife including turtles, alligators, and chiguire, a small fresh water mammal rather like a beaver. There are also jaguars and a variety of reptiles.

For birdwatchers there are an abundance of species near the river and in the jungle alongside. Wading birds of various species abound. Guides are provided for your safety and convenience.

For the adventurous there is road transport from Caracas which takes approximately 9 hours. There are also flights available in small panes that take 1 hour and 20 minutes.

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